Peter Norris, Chairman

Peter has over 40 years’ experience in investment banking and business management. He began his career at Barings in 1976. In 1984 he joined Goldman Sachs, returning to Barings in 1987 to head South East Asian advisory operations. Having returned to London in 1992, in 1994 he became CEO of Barings Investment Banking Group. Three months after his appointment, the notorious derivatives trading scandal in Singapore was revealed, which brought down the bank. From 1995, he established a corporate finance business, constructed around the needs of a client base of owner-entrepreneurs. In 2007 he merged this business with Quayle Munro Holdings Plc, an AIM listed company and became the CEO of the combined entity. He served in this capacity until the end of 2009, when he resigned his executive position to take the role of Chairman of the Virgin Group. He remains a senior adviser to Quayle Munro.

Rohan Freeman, CEO

Before founding Sine Wave Entertainment, Rohan was a director of Europe’s largest media investment company, Ingenious Media Plc. He has written extensively on the economics of media and entertainment for the Financial Times, Deloitte Consulting and Forrester Research.

Adam Frisby, Chief Product Officer

Adam is one of the founding developers of OpenSimulator, the largest open source virtual world platform. Before joining Sine Wave Entertainment he founded the Azure Islands, a community with a peak of 400 regions in Second Life, and DeepThink, a leading virtual world development company.

Allen Xiao, Director & Shanghai GM

Before joining, Allen spent several years with software outsourcing company Augmentum, in Shanghai. He led several teams and completed different projects for US and European clients. He also worked in London for two years with Sine Wave, leading the product development for the company. Now he heads the overall management of the Shanghai office.

Vivek Sharma, Non-Executive Director

Vivek started his career as an engineer in the nuclear power and aerospace / defense sectors. His first job in finance was as an analyst in corporate finance and strategic consulting, specialising in transport, telecoms and property. Vivek worked in the Banking, Capital Markets and Treasury teams at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte for 9 years. He then worked at Ingenious Media plc and then as Sales and Marketing Director of Future Capital Partners where he originated investment for quoted and unquoted media securities. Vivek is the CEO and a founder shareholder of Au Capital which focusses on technology investment and development of renewable energy projects. Vivek has 2 degrees in Engineering from Oxford University, is a Chartered Accountant (FCA) and a Member of the Chartered Securities and Investment Institute (MCSI).

Ivan Shyr, Non-Executive Director

Ivan has been an Investment Director at Sussex Place Ventures the past 3 years. He is an experienced operating manager of global technology companies, especially between Asia (China) and USA. Previously he was the Corp Development Director at Shanghai Gulf Semiconductor, a leading Chinese semicon manufacturer, where he leveraged operational improvements to manage corporate growth to achieve +$60m in annual revenues. He is a graduate of London Business School and UC Berkeley.

Janet Kolind, Operations Director

Janet has been working with Sine Wave since March 2008. She manages the company’s operations. She has spent the last 16 years managing finance, operations and compliance for hedge funds, VCs and start-ups. She has worked with game developers, film producers, clean energy analysts, property developers and online retailers. She has lived and worked in Shanghai, LA, Copenhagen and Munich.